The jobsite you care most about is your own, and we address the need to have work done your way. Oceanside Industrial Skills has fully qualified instructors and the ability to design custom on-site operator skills upgrading, license upgrading, driver skills development, or supervisor training programs.

Jobsite Certification Training

Quantify the experience and recognize the expertise of your experienced operators. Have them make the transition to become Certified Operators.

Oceanside Industrial Skills has solutions to will help your company position itself effectively to be among the first to have Red Seal operators on their sites.  Our program to challenge the ITA exam provides practical, hands-on support to experienced operators, and their employers, to prepare for and successfully complete the ITA's Challenge process and become Certified operators.

Our Challenge Program will provide your operators with:

  • A practical assessment of their mastery of the ITA Core Competencies, resulting in a skills report that supports their ITA Challenge Applications
  • An exam preparation workshop designed to familiarize them with the material they need to know to successfully challenge the exam
  • Administrative support to ensure their Challenge Applications and documentation are complete before submission to the ITA 

Their skills will be assessed by our CQ Operator and lead instructor, who is one of the few operators in BC with endorsements on all six civil machines (excavator, loader, dozer,  grader, rock truck and backhoe) and extensive experience on forestry machines.  Call us at 250-897-8837 for more details.

Supervisor Training

New supervisors often struggle in their roles as they transition from team member to team leader.  Support your operator supervisors with practical, hands-on training to help them understand the dynamics of leadership, team building and motivation and increase their effectiveness as supervisors.  Your company will reap the benefits of greater efficiency and time management as your supervisors gain confidence their ability to lead and transfer their knowledge to their crew.

Fleet Management Training

A customized Oceanside driver skills-enhancement program or license upgrading program can help to enhance a company's competitive edge by reducing accidents, lowering maintenance and service costs and raising the skill level of your existing staff.

  • Safe driving skills check-ups for seasoned drivers
  • Driver skills development for new employees
  • License upgrading programs

On-Site Safety Training 

In both our transportation and heavy equipment departments, we are able to design customized safety and operational upgrading programs to meet your insurance needs and lower your risk of workplace accident and injury.

We offer the following safety training certificates and safety programs:

  • ICBC Certified Air Brakes courses
  • Forklift certification
  • Zoom boom / telehandler certification
  • Critical situation driving techniques
  • Ground Disturbance Level 1
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)