We are a commercial driver and heavy equipment operator training facility. With our knowledge we can assist your HR department in the screening, recruiting and training of high-value employees for the oil and gas, forestry and mining industries.

Training & Recruiting job-ready employees for you.

Quantify the experience and recognize the expertise of your experienced operators. Have them make the transition to become Certified Operators.

Oceanside Industrial Skills has solutions to will help your company position itself effectively to be among the first to have Red Seal operators on their sites.  Our program to challenge the ITA exam provides practical, hands-on support to experienced operators, and their employers, to prepare for and successfully complete the ITA's Challenge process and become Certified operators.

Our Challenge Program will provide your operators with:

  • A practical assessment of their mastery of the ITA Core Competencies, resulting in a skills report that supports their ITA Challenge Applications
  • An exam preparation workshop designed to familiarize them with the material they need to know to successfully challenge the exam
  • Administrative support to ensure their Challenge Applications and documentation are complete before submission to the ITA 

Their skills will be assessed by our CQ Operator and lead instructor, who is one of the few operators in BC with endorsements on all six civil machines (excavator, loader, dozer,  grader, rock truck and backhoe) and extensive experience on forestry machines.  Call us at 250-897-8837 for more details.

Supervisor Training

New supervisors often struggle in their roles as they transition from team member to team leader.  Support your operator supervisors with practical, hands-on training to help them understand the dynamics of leadership, team building and motivation and increase their effectiveness as supervisors.  Your company will reap the benefits of greater efficiency and time management as your supervisors gain confidence their ability to lead and transfer their knowledge to their crew.

Fleet Management Training

A customized Oceanside driver skills-enhancement program or license upgrading program can help to enhance a company's competitive edge by reducing accidents, lowering maintenance and service costs and raising the skill level of your existing staff.

  • Safe driving skills check-ups for seasoned drivers
  • Driver skills development for new employees
  • License upgrading programs

On-Site Safety Training 

In both our transportation and heavy equipment departments, we are able to design customized safety and operational upgrading programs to meet your insurance needs and lower your risk of workplace accident and injury.

We offer the following safety training certificates and safety programs:

  • ICBC Certified Air Brakes courses
  • Forklift certification
  • Zoom boom / telehandler certification
  • Critical situation driving techniques
  • Ground Disturbance Level 1
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)

Oceanside Industrial Skills Recruiting Services

Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Forestry Industry companies in British Columbia and Alberta are aggressively recruiting trained truck drivers and heavy equipment operators to replace an aging labour force. Oceanside Industrial Skills is committed to assisting these companies in their search for the right job-ready employees.

The importance of maximizing the talent of your in-house recruitment professionals cannot be understated; the more efficiently they are able to do their work, the more smoothly production runs. Too often these professionals become bogged down trying to evaluate the technical skills of countless individuals at hiring fairs or through on-line recruiting.  The majority of these applicants will not be of interest to the company, but each one costs your organization money in terms of your recruiting staff’s time and energy. These resources could be better spent on candidates worthy of their attention.

Oceanside Industrial Skills offers a solution that will allow your HR professionals to use their skills in the most effective way.  Allow us to draw on our professional expertise as commercial drivers and equipment operators to filter out the time-wasters so your HR people only consider those candidates whose technical skills and attitudes match your criteria. We are not headhunters or recruiters.  We simply have the means and the expertise to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and evaluate technical skills in order to provide a snapshot of what candidates actually, tangibly have to offer your company. Based on these skills assessments, your recruitment professionals will have invaluable information to utilize during the selection process.  Better information leads to better hires and reduced attrition costs.

Our prequalification, skills assessment services can be implemented at various stages of the hiring process; from evaluating resume content, to technical screening prior to short listing, to pre-offer skills evaluations.  Our evaluators have extensive experience in the oil and gas sector as equipment operators and commercial drivers in exploration, development, production, distribution and marketing and appreciate the challenge of connecting the right people to your field operations teams.

Maximize the decision-making abilities of your qualified HR team:  arm them with the critical information they need to bring the right people on board.

Hiring Shortfalls and Solutions 

1) Hiring based on technical skills only, and not for "fit".

In many cases the candidate has the right technical skills and experience on his/her resume and is hired on that basis. It is difficult, even using behavioral interview techniques, to assess if an individual has the “intangible” skills that make for a successful employee: initiative, willingness to learn, flexibility, ability to follow instructions. Hiring someone with the right technical skills but who is not a “fit” for the team he/she will be working with can lead to employee dissatisfaction, attrition and further recruiting and training costs

SOLUTION: Oceanside Industrial Skills will conduct screening exercises for shortlisted candidates who meet the company’s skill requirements.  We will simulate work scenarios that will require candidates to react as they would in the field in order to assess the intangible, innate qualities that separate candidates into those who can do the job, and those who will do the job the way you need it done.

2) Technical skills reported on the resume do not play out in the field.

We’ve all been there - over-reporting experience in order to land the job and hoping you’ll be able to “fake it ‘til you make it”.  For companies recruiting employees who will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in remote locations where mistakes can be costly in human, environmental and repair terms, it’s important to know who’s going to show up on the first day in the field.  No one expects not to have to do some orientation and training, but it is helpful to know where skill gaps are before the offer is made.

SOLUTION: Oceanside Industrial Skills will conduct extensive driving and/or heavy equipment skills assessments on a pool of candidates under consideration in order to provide the company with a realistic view of their skills.  Any skill gaps will be identified so that post-offer training and orientation can be targeted, maximizing your company’s resources and time.

3) Needing to hire a significant number of drivers, but being unsatisfied with the new drivers produced by typical driving schools.

SOLUTION:  Oceanside Industrial Skills can initiate a Commercial Driver Essential Skills “boot camp” for your new drivers with limited road time.  Our program will cover areas not typically covered by the average commercial driving school:  thorough pre-trip inspections, load security, log books and other regulatory requirements, and managing critical situations on the road.  These issues are not ones that your company trainer should need to address during a task-specific orientation, but are critical for the success of your new drivers and of your transportation division.

4) The problem of attrition of experienced heavy equipment operators.

SOLUTION: Investment by a company in the career development of their employees is a powerful tool to increase employee retention.  Oceanside Industriall Skills is able to help you to set up and conduct an internal equipment operator Certification program, providing technical and academic support to your experienced operators while they work through the process of challenging the Red Seal process in this newly recognized trade. Your investment in these operators benefits your company in terms of increased loyalty from existing employees and increased competitiveness in bidding on future contracts. 

5) Difficulty in achieving improved driver performance, increased driver efficiency, fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear on vehicles, etc.

SOLUTION: Oceanside Industrial Skills is able to introduce and conduct a system of annual or semi-annual driver check-ins designed to indicate areas of driver achievement and areas where skill development or increased knowledge needs to take place. Through a system of on-road, in-simulator and in-yard exercises, we are able to provide an objective report on how each of your drivers is doing and how he or she develops over time.  Professional development programs for drivers to address any skill gaps can also be implemented.

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