Companies in BC and Alberta need drivers with more than just technical skills.
Attitude and willingness to learn separate drivers who adapt to the employer's way of doing business from those who merely show up for work.

Commercial Truck Driver Training

Oceanside is a Vancouver Island based, fully qualified, ICBC-certified commercial driving school - but that’s where our similarity to other driving schools ends.

Our instructors have a diverse commercial driving background, including transport of hazardous materials, time-sensitive cargo, heavy haul and petroleum industry experience.  As specialists in driver training for the petrochemical industry, our instructors equip our students to be competitive in all aspects of transportation in this industry:  exploration, production or marketing.

If you are serious about starting a career as a commercial driver and want more than just an upgraded license in your back pocket, Oceanside can equip you with the technical skills and can-do attitude you need to succeed. 

You will be challenged to think, plan and drive like a professional every time you are out on the road.  You will have opportunities to learn how to maximize the performance of your vehicle, how to meet the expectations of future employers and customers, and about the rewards and challenges of life as a commercial driver.

You can learn how to drive anywhere.  At Oceanside, you’ll learn how to become a driver who’s in demand.

Contact us at 250-897-6203 to find out more about our commercial driver training programs:

  • Class I
  • Commercial License Upgrade
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4 Unrestricted
  • ICBC Certfied Air Brakes Courses

Prerequisites for all Commercial Driving courses:

  • Appropriate level of learner’s license
  • Clean, current Driver’s Abstract
  • Ability to pay for ICBC testing fees, medical processing fees and licensing fees, and your doctor’s medical exam fee, which are not included in tuition
  • Medical clearance

Advanced Training Options

Take your license to the next level and equip yourself with the industry-specific knowledge and experience you need to succeed.

Advanced Driving Skills Course:  defensive / offensive driving techniques, managing critical moments on the road, driving in challenging terrain, driving in severe weather, chain up, handling emergency situations

Trailers & Configurations Course:  Obtain experience hauling the type of trailer you expect to be working with:  reefers, flat decks, lowbeds, tankers, etc.  Learn about various trailer configurations.

Load Security Course:  ensure balanced loads to maximize truck performance and braking efficiency, and to comply with regulatory requirements.  Obtain knowledge about requirements for hauling oversize loads, dangerous goods, B-trains, etc.

Rules & Regs Course:  Being a commercial driver is a complex job carrying great responsibility.  Find out what you need to know about Department of Transportation (DOT) and Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement (CVSE) regulations, requirements when travelling through different jurisdictions - including border crossings - and the legal responsibilities of
commercial drivers and the companies employing them.  Understand the differences between being a fleet driver vs an owner/operator.

Fleet Management: For employers looking to implement a driver safety program or license upgrading for their employees, please visit Employee Training.  

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