We train students in the development of knowledge, skills and professionalism that industry demands in order to become the best professional commercial truck drivers and heavy equipment operators in the marketplace.

We take Truck Driver Training seriously. 

Oceanside Industrial Skills specializes in training truck drivers and heavy equipment operators to fill positions in high demand in the oil and gas, construction and forestry industries in Western Canada.

Oceanside Industrial Skills (OIS) has trained and assisted hundreds of commercial truck drivers and heavy equipment operators to position themselves successfully in the marketplace and land secure, high paying jobs in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We are committed to:

  • Challenging new commercial drivers to think, plan and drive like professionals every time they are on the road.
  • Working with existing commercial drivers to upgrade their licenses and enhance their careers.
  • Preparing truck driver and heavy equipment operators to attain Red Seal Certification, allowing for greater inter-provincial employment mobility.
  • Offering Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Challenge Process Certification.

Mike Obal, Owner, Oceanside Industrial Skills Ltd.    Mike Obal

"We train students in the development of knowledge, skills and professionalism that industry demands in order to become the best professional commercial truck drivers and heavy equipment operators in the marketplace."

Mike has been involved in the transportation and equipment operation sectors for close to 40 years. With his background in construction, oil and gas operations, and forestry and mining operations, he has seen the need for high-caliber industrial skills training across the board. As an employee, project manager, or independent contractor, Mike has worn many hats along the way. He came to recognize that his most valuable role was that of a facilitator between management, employee and contractor groups, and became involved with employee coaching and skill development long before formal training for industrial skills became widely available.

Mike’s passion for helping others realize their potential has been a consistent theme throughout his multi-faceted career and naturally led him to forming Oceanside Industrial Skills, a company committed to this type of industry based skill development and company employee recruitment.

Almost evangelical about how prospective employees conduct themselves, Mike continues to emphasize the importance of good conduct in the classroom, in the field and on the job. The key to success does not lie only in technical skills. More important is an individual’s ability to present as an approachable, adaptable, intelligent person capable of operating hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment or trucks responsibly to protect their employer’s investment. Companies will always consider a coachable team player with common sense and capable of further development over the arrogant, ton-of-experience know-it-all.

Mike’s ability to push into new areas is evident with his background in patent development for the oil and gas and forestry industries.  Innovative approaches always present themselves to him for development. “Everyone is capable of anything but we might have to learn something new along the way”. This outlook has allowed him to consistently think outside the box in efficiency, safety, productivity and learning. “For a new operator to be successful, the number one attribute is the desire to learn and to continue to learn from others and one’s own experiences, or as we like to call it, common sense.”

While Oceanside has earned its reputation on providing job-ready skills training, there is much more to do. Mike continues to develop new standards for equipment operation and efficiency.  “Our new operators come equipped with much more knowledge of the new engineering in the equipment and we want everyone to have that knowledge.”  Once armed with greater understanding of the advances in machine capacity and fuel efficiency, current operators and their employers have huge opportunities to benefit from doing more with less.  Working closely with industry, Mike is approaching a wider audience than ever before.  The practical application of common sense is what makes companies money.